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September 27th, 2005


babies = http://www.iisg.nl/~landsberger/nh.html
pugs = http://www.jeansdogshop.com/transfers.htm


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aww man.. my little animated gif of myself isnt dancin.. or is it just me? if you open him up in a new window he will dance.


this is one of the reasons why i love you. godspeed buddy!!!
yr pal,


Pen, you are already my hero. Welcome to our humble home.


thanks Fred, i appreciate it.

I’ve been enjoying the humble bagels and coffee very much. and the orange juice, pomegranite juice, and the different kinds of hummus and cream cheese.. muffins.. donuts.. water.

havent touched the milk yet but.. i thought about it a lot last night.

seeyah monday!


HAHA! Pen your crazy! have fun!


Now that’s funny!! I look forward to meeting you next time Diane and I are in LA…whenever that may be… Have fun.


Pen! It’s Arica! I miss you! :)


Hey Pen, your drawings looks like the ones on a Simpsons joke once, when Krusty lost
“Itchi & Scratchy” and have to settle for a germay toon.


I mean “germany”


Worker and Parasite.
Your a legend Pen.


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