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earl grey.. hut

October 15th, 2005

woo mama


this is Princess Bubblegum, whether or not she has any dialogue is wavering rite now as I am re-writing the ending to the story. The past 3 weeks I have spent cleaning up the story boards that I originally pitched with. I’ve also been using the time to flesh out character designs.. and re-write some jokes and story points. I pretty much dominate the office on the weekends.. blasting This American Life episodes so loud that the plumbing in this building has weakened.

Sorry this isn’t incredibly informative or full of wicked hyperlinks. I need to meet a deadline on Monday before I figure out a way to make my blog useful.

happy trees

October 8th, 2005

here is some more ice clops for all you ice clops fans. ocreatorspendleton-is-in-folder-townsnowballed.jpg
I went to see Janet Klein again tonight with her Borsht Belt Babies. The time I had was extra nice. I think it is my new addiction for twenty dollars a week.

omg omg omg

October 7th, 2005

These are some sketches and possible final designs for a couple insignificant monster characters in Adventure Time. You can see the two main characters Ben and Jake running away in the Ice Clops image. I will post some drawings of them havin fun later. The amount of thumbnails it would make if i uploaded all of these monster drawings on the left there would be redicledocle.. so i’m just going to tape them all together here.

you can click on this image for it to open up in a new window all huge. I just got back from an amazing night at the Steve Allen Theater. Janet Kline and Her Parlor Boys played a long set for a little crowd and Jerry Beck screened some really great old cartoons and films. Everyone in the audience sang along to the bouncing ball.. it was wonderful. The band was waayyyyy too amazing. I was jealous of [Read more…]

The Heart of Saturday Night

October 2nd, 2005

I’ve been ironically listening to Hoobastank while drawing. It really gets me pumped. I mean.. it’s terrible music. But every song is just hard yelling at my inner teenager. It makes drawing cartoons feel like I just packed a backpack of clothes, grabbed my girlfriend, and just started running so fast down the highway.. running from my upper-middle-class parents.

In other news I have put my nickelodeon ID into my wallet which I keep in my back pocket. So I can now jump and swipe my butt by the scanners that unlock the doors here at nickelodeon. The scanner by the front door to the Oh Yeah building is really difficult to get.. I gave up on it after three tries.. plus it’s rite by the street so it’s embarassing with the cars going by. I spilled my coffee trying to get into the annex.

I was drawing lazy style an hour ago.. like this:

and my [Read more…]