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mm hmmm

November 18th, 2005



that was fun.. coming up with ideas to replace “fart face” and “turd”. i had to do it in 20 minutes so the script could be sent out to the actors so that they could be ready to act in a couple days. so i called in some power minders: adam muto wasn’t home, i woke up pat mchale who ran to a computer lab to email me words as he thought of them. i called jg quintel and was all “here’s the situation” and he was all “i’ll call you back in 15 minutes.” and then i thought of a bunch of alternates.. pat sent me his alternates.. and JG called in 15 minutes and told me his alternates.

here is what we came up with:
hey poopy!
hey sloppy milkshake!
hey barf butt!
hey methane mug!
hey dragon breath!
hey frozen brain!
hey hot chocolate!
hey jiggly!

so now all the dialogue has been recorded [Read more…]