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February 28th, 2006




Adventure Time is goin swell. JM Media sent back some rough animation of Adventure Time from their animation studio in Korea. and it looks totally boss. I’m all about it. It’s way better than I imagined it would look. I think they are having fun animating it too. They asked me if they could have fun with it. and I said yes. Have a ball.

and now I am starting my second cartoon, The Bravest Warriors. I’ll blog about that baby when it gets its own seperate blog title.

Everyone should go check out Janet Klein and her Parlor Boys this coming thursday. The 2nd. Jerry Beck screens classic cartoons in the beginning which is fun. There are bouncing ball sing-alongs and everyone sings unless the song is too fast paced and racist like last time.. then people kinda stop singing. But usually it’s pretty easy to sing. and after [Read more…]