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Finn & Princess Bubblegum Cosplay

June 29th, 2009

Pen & Princess Bubblegum CosplayDear Pen,I love your Adventure Time cartoon, and I can’t wait until they become full episodes on Cartoon Network. Of course I’ll probably have to wait longer than that since I can’t get cartoon network up here in Canada so I miss all my favorite shows, like Adventure Time and the Misadventure of Flapjack (since they pulled it off the air from Teletoon) *shakes fist*.But I love the artwork from your show (and others such as the bravest warriors) and I often frequent the frederator blog just to keep up. I also love Natasha Allegri’s work too, ever since I found her webcomics a few years ago, so please tell her she’s wonderful.Anyways besides wasting your time with my fandom, I wanted to send a few pictures your way of a cosplay me and my boyfriend did of Pen and Princess Bubblegum at Anime Evolution (June 12-14, Vancouver BC Canada @ The vancouver Convention Center). They aren’t the greatest pictures as we are a) hideous creatures b) due to a wardrobe malfunction my wig was very unruly and c) awkward smiles.But everyone who saw us were very excited, so just know you have many fans in Canada who love your work.Thank you and I hope you enjoy.Callielo BrandsPs. Rainacorns make awesome mustachesPen & Princess Bubblegum CosplayPen & Princess Bubblegum Cosplay

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