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Algebraic! Finn heads!

August 25th, 2009

finnlisafrankeyes finnpervyface finnoooooface finnblushing finnmutoface finngrumpyface finncorinthian finnbipolar finnhappysad finnlowhappyface finngoldeneyes finnsleepybaby Finn_Block-tom-7 Finn_Block-tom-9 Finn_Block-tom-10

Geez, I love these!


A quick credit check: Nick Jennings and Phil Rynda came up with the idea for the Finn Heads. It was Phil, Tom Herpich, and Natasha Allegri who executed them all (primarily Natasha and Tom, per Phil’s comment below). The faces were created as a part of a presentation to a large group of Cartoon Network folks visiting Burbank from the home office in Hotlanta. — Eric

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