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Getting Ready for the Presentation

August 26th, 2009

And now unto the more glamorous trappings of the cartoon business.

Cartoon Network this week flew in a whole bunch of folks from their Hotlanta headquarters for a series of presentations here in Burbank. The goal was to get everyone all jazzed up about the upcoming cartoons on the network’s schedule. Yesterday morning was the big Adventure Time presentation. This means a few of the crew spent Monday night/Tuesday morning decking out the studio’s main conference room with art and, naturally, AstroTurf.

A big thanks goes to art director Nick Jennings for coordinating the whole thing. Nick, Keith Mack, Phil Rynda, Tom Herpich, Natasha Allegri, Dick Grunert, Kelly Crews, and Pen Ward handled setting up the room. Thanks to Kelly and Nick for the photos and video.

Pen Ward

Look at the treehouse flu-ridden David C. Smith made (David: “Whoa, whoa, Eric. I don’t want to hog the credit. This tree house was a collaborative effort. Big ups should go to the best interns ever: Kenneth Onulak, Shion Takeuchi, and Sevonne Tuvia.”):

Watch animators put down AstroTurf:

"Adventure Time" Presentation
Hats off to Keith, Nick, Tom, Dick, Natasha, and Pen

– Eric

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