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More Color “Ricardio” Backgrounds

September 30th, 2009

Designs by Ghostshrimp and Santino Lascano. Color by Sue Mondt and Martin Ansolabehere. Art direction by Nick Jennings.

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“Ricardio” Backgrounds

September 28th, 2009

From “Ricardio the Heart Guy”. Ghostshrimp and Santino Lascano are the background designers, Martin Ansolabehere and Sue Mondt are the painters. Nick Jennings is the art director.

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“The Jiggler” Animatic

September 25th, 2009

Featuring the tuneful crooning of Jeremy Shada, the whistle stylings of Dee Bradley Baker, and the overall encouragement of John Di Maggio.

– Eric

Finn & Jake in “Ricardio the Heart Guy”

September 24th, 2009

Jake & Finn Slapping Guts Together
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Ricardio the Heart Guy

September 22nd, 2009


From “Ricardio the Heart Guy”, with the voice of George Takei.

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Some Ice King Stuff…

September 21st, 2009

Ice King with Squished Face

… from “Ricardio the Heart Guy”.

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“Slumber Party Slaughter” Animatic

September 18th, 2009

Jeremy Shada as Finn, Hynden Walch as Princess Bubblegum, and Dee Bradley Baker and Steve Little as the Gumball Machines, AKA the Guardians of the Royal Promise.

– Eric

I Want Candy People

September 17th, 2009

Candy Person #59

From “Ricardio the Heart Guy”. By Phil, Tom, and Natasha, or some combination thereof.

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“Ricardio the Heart Guy” Storyboard

September 14th, 2009

“Ricardio the Heart Guy” Storyboard

So last Friday I go and post an animatic clip from “Ricardio” and mention the storyboard. Then, this weekend, I realized other the a few pages of Sean Jimenez and Bert Youn’s board from about 70 years ago, I never posted the full board. Well, here it is.

The episode was written by Mr Tim McKeon, who’s now wreaking havoc over at Disney.

– Eric

“Ricardio the Heart Guy” Animatic

September 11th, 2009

It’s Friday, so it must be time for an Adventure Time animatic. This one stars our old friends Jeremy Shada as Finn and John Di Maggio as Jake, but with appearances by Hynden Walch as Princess Bubblegum and George Takei as Ricardio. Now that I think about it, I should’ve asked you to read the Ricardio storyboard and name who would be your choice to play Ricardio. I guess I still can, but now you know who it is. And where’s the fun in that?

– Eric