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‘Adventure Time With Finn & Jake’ Enters a Wild New World

April 5th, 2010

Tracey Turner Fan Art
Fan Art by Tracey Turner

From Robert Lloyd’s review in The Los Angeles Times:

This is how Monday night’s first adventure begins. Princess Bubblegum, doing a science experiment, says: “All right, let me just add three more drops of explosive diarrhea.”

“Princess Bubblegum,” asks Finn, “when we bring the dead back to life, will they be filled with worms?”

“No,” she says. “If my Decorpsinator serum works, then all the dead candy people will look as young and healthy as you do.”

It’s hard for me to resist talk like that, at once so childish, so pulpy, so polite. (The drawing is like that too.) Lines like “Lumpy Space Princess, you big faker, you’re floating, not bouncing,” or “Don’t cry, Hot Dog Princess, Jake and I will fend off these Battle Cubes” — there are whole wild worlds in there.

Read the whole article here.

– Eric

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