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“Adventure Time”: You Can Believe the Hype, Sort Of

April 5th, 2010

Oswaldperson Fan Art
Fan art by oswaldperson

I think ToonZone’s Karl R. Olson has a spot-on assessment of the series in his just-published review.

I would say it lived up to my expectations, but I wonder if other people, after living with four years of seven perfect minutes, will be similarly satisfied. Still, this is one of the strongest starts Cartoon Network has had with a series in a while, and if nothing else, they’ve made a cartoon that defies comparison, and that alone earns it the term “cult classic.” Shoot, it should be huge with counter-culture minded teens and twenty-something hipsters almost by default. The next Spongebob? Honestly, we won’t know that until 2020, but don’t rule it out.

Read the entire review here.

– Eric

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