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Time for Some Adventure with Pendleton Ward

April 29th, 2010

“Marceline the Vampire Queen” by Deviant Artist aiji

Thanks to AWN’s Rick DeMott for his rhombus new interview with Pen. Rick’s been a big supporter of Adventure Time since the short was first put online back in 1822, and, for that, he gets no cash but a big thumbs-up.

RD: As a young creator how has the process been for you? What were some of the more difficult parts of the process you had to get accustomed to?

PW: I’m playing a lot of it by ear. I learned a lot as I went, in the beginning. Craig [McCracken] and Genndy [Tartakovsky] and those dudes where all pretty young too when they were all starting out. You just have to roll into it. We all graduated and we all love animation so you have your ideal in mind of the product you want make.

Because I worked as a board artist on Flapjack for a year I understood the executive note taking process. I’ve always liked the challenge of notes. The best note to me is “make it funnier.” I’ll sit there and do a joke as funny as I can and then I’ll get a note that says “make it funnier” and I’ll say, “ah, okay.” Then you go and start from scratch. I’ve always enjoyed being challenged, so maybe that’s a good personality trait to have when you’re entering into this. I was confident that I could take a note, whether it was good or bad, and find the medium between what someone else wanted and what I wanted to do with it and I could make it good at the same time. If you have that attitude going into it, you can sustain the pressure that is on you.

Read Rick’s bang-up Q&A with Pen right here.

– Eric

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