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Rebecca Sugar’s First Board (Nightosphere)

October 11th, 2010

Rebecca Sugar of “Singles” fame sees her very first Adventure Time storyboard air tonight, Monday, on Cartoon Network. It’s she and animation veteran Adam Muto who get the board credit for “It Came from the Nightosphere.” Watch it, then let Rebecca know what an awesome job she did. Here’s what Rebecca wrote on her Twitter:

I wanted to do a drawing for the first episode I boarded on, It came from the Nightosphere!

I wrote a song for this episode, Marceline sings it at the beginning while Finn beatboxes. When Pen pitched this storyboard to CN, he beatboxed as Finn and I played the music on a uke and sang as Marceline. It was super terrifying, my first network pitch.

I also did all the monster stuff at the end!

Adam Muto did all the meat in the middle!

Generally, in our episodes, anything that is actually witty was done by Adam. I’m usually responsible for sex jokes and violence.

I’ll write more after it airs! Please watch it on Monday night at 8!

– Eric

P.S. Anyone who wants to berate me for not videotaping Pen and Rebecca pitching this board is well within his right.

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