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“Nightosphere” Odds & Ends

October 12th, 2010

Lord of Evil with Sharp Teeth - Sucking Pose

Some more character work from last night’s “Nightosphere” for you, including a couple featuring Marceline’s dad, the Lord of Evil. We should point out the voice of the Lord of Evil is that of Mr Martin Olson, a writer whose resume includes working with Joe Murray on Rocko and Camp Lazlo. He’s now over on Phineas and Ferb. Not only did Martin turn in a wonderfully creepy performance as Marceline’s dad, he also plays the part of Olivia Olson’s (the voice of Marceline) father in real life.

Marceline with Striped Sweater - Angry Scary Face - Special Pose

“Nightosphere’s” lead designer was Phil Rynda. Natasha Allegri and Andy Ristaino were designers. The character clean-up artist was Alex Campos. Ron Russell and Simon Simmonds were the colorists. Pat McHale was the creative director. Nick Jennings is the show’s art director.

Gunter with Tears
Penguins - Soul Sucked
Lumpy Space Princess in Soul Sac
Lord of Evil - Monster Form
Finn with Pocket - Starry Eyed - Special Pose
Finn with Jake in Pocket - Special Pose

– Eric

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