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“I Eat Shades of Red” T-Shirt

November 23rd, 2010

Hey, there’s a new, very cool Adventure Time T-shirt now available on the Mighty Fine website. For this one, lead character designer Phil Rynda cleaned up a rough sketch by board artist Rebecca Sugar (”She does the best Marceline drawings.” - Phil). Also, I should mention we’re told by Cartoon Network we should see T-shirts for us fellas maybe around February. Sorry it’s not now.

Rough T-shirt Desgin
Rebecca’s rough design

Final T-shirt Design
Phil’s clean up

Color Final T-shirt Design

– Eric

P.S. Nicole at Mighty Fine asked if I could mention their “pop-up shop event is this Friday (Black Friday), 11/26 and Saturday, 11/27 in L.A. It’s at Goo Salon on Fairfax from 10 to 6 each day; I’m attaching a flyer with all the address info, etc. We’ll have visits from Coolhaus and Barbie’s Q, complimentary drinks, and TONS of tees at really discounted prices! (I don’t believe any of our Adventure Time items will be in the shop, however we will have lots of other stuff - Scott Pilgrim, Marvel, Sanrio, Disney, Sesame Street - that may be of interest to A.T. fans! :) )” Here’s that flyer:

Mighty Fiine

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