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“Why Adventure Time is the Ultimate Cartoon”

February 17th, 2011

If There's Anything Fruity Inside My Imagination I'm Gonna Be Pissed!

Collin David over at Splice Today has written a very complimentary piece on the show (as if you couldn’t tell by the title). While I’m not sure everything he writes is on the money - “When Cartoon Network puts out a new show, it’s usually an epic puberty metaphor about an overconfident boy with strange powers who goes through the process of learning how to use them within the scary world around him,” for instance - there’s much here that’s thoughtful and admiring.

There’s no real backstory, there’s no complicated explanation about why a kid is hanging out with a talking dog, there’s no theoretical limits placed on Finn and Jake’s adventures, apart from a unique set of basic, malleable physics. It just is, and that’s the kind of unrestrained, uncomplicated storytelling that makes it beautiful.

Read the whole article here.

– Eric

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