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Don’t Miss “Death in Bloom” Two Days Ago

March 2nd, 2011

Sorry I missed posting Jesse Moynihan’s drawing promoting this past Monday’s episode, “Death in Bloom,” one of my favorites. If you didn’t catch it on Jesse’s blog (or even if you did), it’s now above. Jesse wrote:

I gotta say I’m real pleased with how this one turned out. Cole [Sanchez] and I were starting to hit our stride as a team, while simultaneously losing our minds! … It’s worth noting that the scene depicted above is based on a real thing my dad told me about when I was young. I hope it inspires kids to try it out themselves.

As an aside, you should all be checking the websites of the board artists, including Ako Castuera, Tom Herpich, and Rebecca Sugar. Besides getting glimpses of the Adventure Time production process, you’ll also find out what these folks work on when they’re not spending their ninety hours a week storyboarding.

– Eric

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