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Adventure Time’s First Gallery Event

March 30th, 2011

Revised Promo Art
Revised promo art by Phil Rynda

If you’re not like me, you probably won’t be doing your taxes on Saturday, April 16. That means you can hoof it out to Alhambra, CA, for the opening reception of Gallery Nucleus’s Adventure Time exhibit. It’s an all-ages event featuring not only production work from the series but also personal art by the show’s stellar crew, folks including Pen Ward, Ako Castuero, Tom Herpich, Jesse Moynihan, Kent Osborne, Andy Ristaino, Phil Rynda, Rebecca Sugar, and Bert Youn. Oh, and of course you can meet the artists in person. Hopefully I’ll be boring the stuff out of you over the next two weeks leading up to the night as I get some teaser art. In any case, make sure you put it on your calendar now. They’ll have refreshments, too! (Quick, someone make up a some kind of fancy Adventure Time drink). The exhibit will be open till May 6, but the big opening reception is on 4/16.

– Eric

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