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The Beginning Of Wisdom Is To Call Things By Their Right Names

April 6th, 2011

You Saved Me From The Ice Queen!
A storyboard panel from season three’s “Adventure Time with Fiona & Cake”

Yeah, well, you know the drill. Not all of the below will be the right names; a couple of these titles are destined to change. Look for season three to explode from your TV in the early summer.

1008-053  Conquest of Cuteness
1008-054  Morituri Te Salutamus
1008-055  Hitcapades
1008-056  The Monster
1008-057  Memory of a Memory
1008-058  Adventure Time with Fionna & Cake
1008-059  Too Young
1008-060  Still
1008-061  Wizard Battle
1008-062  Door Jam
1008-063  Thank You
1008-064  From Bad to Worse
1008-065  Beautopia
1008-066  No One Can Hear You
1008-067  Apple Thief
1008-068  Holly Jolly Secrets (Pt I)
1008-069  Holly Jolly Secrets (Pt II)
1008-070  The Creeps
1008-071  An Assassin in Jake’s Nose
1008-072  The Croak List
1008-073  Marceline’s Closet
1008-074  Heart of the Fire Kingdom
1008-075  Word War II
1008-076  Another Way
1008-077  Ghost Princess
1008-078  Dungeon

Note: Unfortunately, Cartoon Network would slaughter us if we commented on the outlook of a fourth season, so don’t even ask about it; we’ll neither confirm nor deny. Safe to say, though, if there were a fourth season planned - which we’re not saying there is - writing would begin next week.

– Eric

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