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From the Trenches: Part 1 (Phil Rynda!)

September 15th, 2010

Hey everyone!

From the Trenches of Adventure Time is here!

From the Trenches” is a behind-the-scenes video series of the super talented folks that make up the crew of the animated hit series, Adventure Time, by Pen Ward!

For our first segment, we interviewed the amazing & lead character designer of the show, Phil Rynda! In the video above, Phil shows you how to draw Finn, and gives some good advice for any artist.

Phil will also start teaching at CalArts this Thursday night! Congrats Phil and to the students that will be lucky to have him as a teacher!

So what are you waiting for? Get watching already and get inspired by the Rynda-ness!

A special thank-you to my friend and summer intern on Adventure Time, Nathan Connelly for helping me shoot and edit these segments. Check out the trailer for his ambitious student film, The Bayou Blues, by clicking HERE.

And if you missed it, the original trailer [Read more…]

Facebook love

April 6th, 2010

The reaction to the premiere of Adventure Time last night was phenomenal! ¬†With all the hype and excitement I wanted to share this awesome page I found while navigating through facebook. If you type in “adventure time” on facebook, there are now several groups advertising the show! To my surprise one of the groups made a photo album on all the Autumn Society Adventure Time tributes. Whoever created the page, thank-you for the support! Congrats to Pen, the whole Adventure Time Design & Production team, Frederator, and Cartoon Network!


Adventure Time End Credits

March 19th, 2010

Because of squeezing credits and audio promos, you’ll rarely get to see Adventure Time’s end credits well as they air on Cartoon Network. To boot, it’ll be just as occasional you’ll be hearing Ashley Eriksson’s closing tune, “Island Song.” That’s why we’re sharing the end credits (from “The Enchiridion”) here, above. See if you can catch the subtle inclusion of Kirsten Lepore’s Frederator logo.

Listen to the entire song on Ashley’s MySpace page.

And, because it’s Friday, we’ll also show you the end credits without the end credits. In other words, you get to see board artist Adam Muto’s animation without all those names in the way.

– Eric

Main Title

March 17th, 2010

All 24 seconds of it. Yes, that’s Pen Ward singing and strumming.