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“The Jiggler” Score

April 20th, 2010

Casey James Basichis
Casey James Basichis

Okay, so it’s not the stand-alone Auto-Tune song from last night’s “The Jiggler,” but it’s about 72 times better. Adventure Time composer Casey James Basichis was kind enough to make the episode’s full score available to me and you.

Click here to listen.

I totally agree with Lucinda Michelle when she Tweeted, “I mean seriously, @AdventureTimeCN has some seriously wonderful scoring…beyond crystal castles good. beyond 8-bit good. Srsly. Wow!”

Seriously.I don’t know beans about the 8-bit or crystals castles, but I will say this. As with the short way back when, Casey’s scoring is an integral part of Adventure Time while like the cartoon as a whole, distinctive and distinguishable. We’re lucky he’s on board.

– Eric

P.S. Auto-Tune? Twitter? 8-bit? Am I on Mars?