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Hat Winners

December 17th, 2010

Finn hats!

Here are the first fifty folks who emailed and who get their very own Cartoon Network Finn hat. Thanks to everyone who emailed!

Airreall Kinder
Devon Johnson
Elaine Macalinao
Falisha Ali
Josh Sayin
Morgan Bullard
Kolbi Farrell
Sarah Deaton
Andrea Gamble
Lauren Nikolouzou
Krystina Ciotta
Nicole Alsobrook
Justine Tachiki
Michael Kessler
Tammie Chiou
Ginni Correa
Justin Satorre
Grace Larkin
Cassie Spain
Lauren Ho
Anna Hendrickson
Jordan Gonzalez
Mary Danielson
Amanda de Castro Sacheta
Robert Andrew Loftus
Lesley Nazario
Brianna Fahey
Jessica Pathammavong
Samantha Aragon
Angelique Jenkins
Chris Mohney
Carolina Herrera
Kat Overland
Christian Santana
Daniel Baruela
Victor Phay
Laura Gislason
Graeme Phillips
Jared Peterson
Christopher S. Carter
Nick Smith
Sean Burns
Ryan Alexander Jones
Jason Irvin
Amanda Maloney
Erin Burns
Giovanni Argueta
Don Morris
Dana Galbraith
Brett Tumulak

– Eric

Enter & Win!!!

December 17th, 2010

STOP!!! 11 minutes in and we’ve got 50 emails. Sorry everyone else, but that’s all she wrote. YouTube or Hot Topic will help you all out.

Algebraic! That’s right, I finally got around to it. (Sorry fans.)

You’re all the firstest and the mostest AT fans, so we wanted to give a few of you a present.

For as long as they last, original Cartoon Network manufactured Finn hats for the first 50 folks that email us at hey@frederator.com.

WARNING: Only one hat per address. If you don’t include your complete name, appropriate street mailing address (no post office boxes), or any other information where we can’t deliver your hat, tough luck. Frederator Studios takes no responsibility for your irresponsibility. If we get the suspicion you’re trying to scam us, we’ll just move on to the next email. Go now, email us!

Happy Holidays everyone! Thanks for being here for all of us.


New Shirts - And One for You!

October 26th, 2010

Adventure Time T-shirt

Five new Adventure Time T-shirts are now available over at the Mighty Fine website. Pretty, slick ones, too. BUT WAIT. The Mighty Fine folks want us to give away a shirt to one of you, our faithful readers. While we have only one to give away (boo), the winner gets his choice of any one of the five pictured here (hooray). Now, we need to note these are juniors (ladies’) sizes, S-XL, so big, brawny fellas like myself might be a bit disappointed. So here’s the deal: the first person to answer correctly the question at the bottom of the post gets the shirt. Post your answers in the comments. Go!

Too easy! The contest is over. Hats off to kieranpertnav who knew the last figure needed to perfect Princess Bubblegum’s decorpsinator serum was FOUR!

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