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Dungeons & Meatlballs.

April 20th, 2010

MB from fredseibert on Vimeo.

I’m not sure if any of you have seen any of the interviews (like here and here) where Pen talks about his influences on Adventure Time, but I found two of three particularly revealing. The Simpsons is a given (it’s been around since Pen’s childhood).

D&D is best left for someone other than me to talk about. “D&D inspires my logic for how I go about creating each episode,” Pen says to Rene Guzman at the San Antonion-Express News. “In D&D, everything’s in front of you, you can do anything you want, it’s all up to your imagination. I like the freedom of that feeling. I like the characters to be able to have the freedom to segue away from a story if they wanted to.” Finn is “quite the justice-seeking righteous paladin.”

For someone my age, his Meatballs influence makes perfect sense. (And I’m particularly partial to it since Bill Murray made [Read more…]

AT @ AMonline, as promised.

January 26th, 2010

Animation Magazine, February 2010, illustrated by Phil Rynda, Tom Herpich, Ghostshrimp, Nick Jennings, Dan Thompson

Here’s the link to the great Adventure Time article in Animation Magazine.


The first Adventure Time magazine cover!

January 19th, 2010

Animation Magazine, February 2010, illustrated by Phil Rynda, Tom Herpich, Ghostshrimp, Nick Jennings, Dan ThompsonAnimation Magazine editor Ramin Zahed has kindly given AT its first (yes, first!) cover story, dated February 2010, months before our premiere. He interviewed creator Pendleton Ward and me a few weeks ago and provided non-blog readers with a first view of the updated series production design.The magazine does a web holdback on paper articles, so I’ll link it as soon as it’s posted at their website (please buy it at the newsstand) but here’s a great quote from Pen in the meantime:”I like to doodle these characters and kind of figure out what their story is. In fact, I try to make everything stupider and simpler. Finn and Jake are two buddies who shoot the breeze about whatever nonsense is going on around them — just like anyone sitting on a porch might do.”There you have it.–Fred …:::Update: Ramin [Read more…]

A word from Pen.

May 17th, 2009

I asked Pen to do an email interview about the show, since we hadn’t heard directly from him in a while. As usual, he came back with something even better.  –Fred

I made this interview for http://www.adventuretime.tv and http://www.frederator.com — Man, I don’t know what I’m sayin.

To follow up on some of these ideas.. what I’m trying to do with Adventure Time is create a cartoon that kids are going to have fond memories of after they grow up… and hopefully will be able to go back into and watch again and appreciate it a new way after they grow up.

I’m tryin to make it timeless - - - like peewee’s play house. With jokes that should be funny for adults and kids. When I was muttering about “real characters” What I mean is… when I was a kid I cared about cartoon characters. I cared about Lisa Simpson when she loved her substitute [Read more…]