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New Interview with Pen

February 4th, 2011

A Biiiiig Nerd

The Emmy-nominated series’ goofy characters, vibrant colors, bottomless imagination, and whip-smart humor make the show fun for all ages and states of sobriety.

Tim Surette over at TV.com has a fresh Q&A with Pen in which the subject describes what he was like as a kid:

Nerd. I would call myself a big nerd. As a child I played Diablo online and lots of games, I was a pretty awkward person. I would sit by myself in the treehouse in the school’s playground and draw robots. I’d try and figure out how robots work by drawing them and then just hope cute girls would come up, look at my drawings, and think I was cool.

Click here for the rest of Tim’s interview with Pen.

– Eric

The Art of the Title Sequence

October 12th, 2010

Drop what you’re doing and head on over to The Art of the Title Sequence. The site breaks down hundreds of main titles from ranging from Aagey Se Right to Zombieland. While most of the titles are from feature films, they’ve just posted a lengthy, wonderful interview with Pen talking mostly about - you guessed it - Adventure Time’s main title. Good stuff.

– Eric