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“Henchman” Story Outline

August 27th, 2010

Marceline’s Slave Story

Okay, I really thought yesterday’s Dimple Plant post was the end of the “Henchman”-related stuff, but it turns out we never posted the original story outline. As you can see, the writing team - who, I think, then consisted of Pen Ward, Pat McHale, Merriwether Williams, Tim McKeon, and Steve Little - churned out “Marceline’s Slave Story” last May, pre-Lady Gaga. Now that the episode has aired, you can compare and contrast the two for your weekend pleasure.

– Eric

Outline, Story Notes for “City of Thieves”

July 10th, 2009

City of Thieves Outline

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“The Jiggler” Story Notes

May 6th, 2009

“The Jiggler” Story Notes

“The Jiggler” Story Notes Fred Seibert Story notes from the “Adventure Time” episode, “The Jiggler”.

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– Eric

More “Helping Hand” Story Notes

April 22nd, 2009

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“Helping Hand” Story Notes

April 16th, 2009

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“Jakesuit” Story Notes IV

March 11th, 2009

From the desks of Adam Muto and Pen Ward.

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“Jakesuit” Story Notes III

March 9th, 2009

More “Jakesuit” story notes by Adam Muto.

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“Jakesuit” Story Notes II

March 4th, 2009

More story notes for “Jakesuit” by Adam Muto.

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“Jakesuit” Story Notes

March 3rd, 2009

"Jakesuit" Story Notes

Story notes by Adam Muto.

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“Diamond Jim” Story Notes

February 23rd, 2009

Adam Muto’s story notes for “Diamond Jim”.

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