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“Your own working Beemo video game!”

April 5th, 2011

Adventure Time Beemo Replica

“Hey Channel Frederator,

“I am a long time fan and viewer of your website, first time writer to it, and I just wanted to say first off how amazingly awesome I think your studio is, especially Adventure Time.

“I recently posted a step by step guide on Instructables on how to build your own working Beemo video game here based on the super awesome and adorable character from Adventure Time, and was hoping you might like it enough to show it on your Frederator Blogs, since you usually post Adventure Time fan art. ┬áI know a couple of people have been asking when they might be able to see a real working Beemo replica and I really wanted to finally appease their requests. You can also see more pictures on my personal flickr site here too: (http://www.flickr.com/photos/mattoons)

“I’d also really appreciate it too if you could briefly mention to visitors to vote on it on┬áInstructable’s [Read more…]