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The Beginning Of Wisdom Is To Call Things By Their Right Names

April 6th, 2011

You Saved Me From The Ice Queen!
A storyboard panel from season three’s “Adventure Time with Fiona & Cake”

Yeah, well, you know the drill. Not all of the below will be the right names; a couple of these titles are destined to change. Look for season three to explode from your TV in the early summer.

1008-053  Conquest of Cuteness
1008-054  Morituri Te Salutamus
1008-055  Hitcapades
1008-056  The Monster
1008-057  Memory of a Memory
1008-058  Adventure Time with Fionna & Cake
1008-059  Too Young
1008-060  Still
1008-061  Wizard Battle
1008-062  Door Jam
1008-063  Thank You
1008-064  From Bad to Worse
1008-065  Beautopia
1008-066  No One Can Hear You
1008-067  Apple Thief
1008-068  Holly Jolly Secrets (Pt I)
1008-069  Holly Jolly Secrets (Pt II)
1008-070  The Creeps
1008-071  An Assassin in Jake’s Nose
1008-072  The Croak List
1008-073  Marceline’s Closet
1008-074  Heart of the Fire Kingdom
1008-075  Word War II
1008-076  Another Way
1008-077  Ghost Princess
1008-078  Dungeon

Note: Unfortunately, Cartoon Network would slaughter us if we commented on the outlook of a fourth season, so don’t even ask about it; we’ll neither confirm nor deny. [Read more…]

Favorite Quotations?

September 29th, 2010

We love work for you!

So we’re putting together a list of some favorite lines of dialog from the first season, and “we need help our business.” Any short, excellent sayings you particularly dug?

Thanks a ton (and a big thanks to everybody who weighed in on the earlier post re-capping season one; it’s much appreciated).

– Eric

A Good Name, Like Good Will, is Got by Many Actions and Lost by One

August 17th, 2010

I Swear, I Found Him Like This!...
A panel from Somvilay Xayaphone & Kent Osborne’s storyboard for “The Eyes”

The writing for season two is all wrapped up. (We’ve already got back animation from overseas, too.) If you’ve followed this blog at all, you’ll know how names are subject to change, so you might want to keep that in mind as we present … drum rollSeason Two Adventure Time Episode Titles.

1002-027 Loyalty to the King
1002-028 Blood under the Skin
1002-029 Nightosphere
1002-030 Story Tellin’
1002-031 The Eyes
1002-032 Slow Love
1002-033 Power Animal
1002-034 Her Parents
1002-035 To Cut a Woman’s Hair
1002-036 Crystals Have Power
1002-037 The Chamber of Frozen Blades
1002-038 The Other Tarts
1002-039 The Pods
1002-040 The Silent King
1002-041 Born to Die
1002-042 Guardians of Sunshine
1002-043 Mystery Train
1002-044 Death in Bloom
1002-045 Susan Strong
1002-046 Masters of Romance
1002-047 Belly of the Beast
1002-048 Wish upon a Maze
1002-049 Mortal Folly
1002-050 Blood Drive
1002-051 Dueling Videos
1002-052 Mortal Recoil

To the Wikipedia!

– Eric