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Best of Luck, Pat

September 24th, 2010

Pat McHale
Pat “Punsey” McHale

Here’s to Pat McHale.

Pat’s been Adventure Time’s creative director and Pen’s right-hand man since before production began seventy-two years ago. Well, he’s giving up that post today as he and his (also very talented) filmmaker wife, Jiwook Kim, are escaping L.A. and heading off to the east coast and all things Mayberry. (He’ll still be calling in for writers’ meetings, though, no doubt cranking up the phone from atop the nearest telephone pole). No one is indispensable in this business, but when it comes to Adventure Time, Pat really is. We - and you - have been fortunate to have him on the team these past years, and we can only hope we’ll be working with him on his own projects somewhere down the road. Thanks for everything, Pat. Best of luck to you and Jiwook.

– Eric

“Evicted!” Storyboard

March 20th, 2009

Board for “Evicted!” with work from Sean Jimenez and Pat McHale. This episode marks the introduction of Marceline the Vampire Queen.

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Cookie Party

December 30th, 2008

Adventure Time Cookie Party

When Pen’s mom, artist Bettie Ward, and Cardie Molina stopped by Cartoon Network to kick the Adventure Time crew into shape, the gang couldn’t help but take a quick break for a cookie party and the first photo opportunity for the artists.

Left to right: Bert Youn, Pat McHale, Sean Jimenez, Adam Muto, Bettie Ward, Ghostshrimp, Pen Ward, Cardie Molina, Luther McLaurin, Armen Mirzaian

Photo by Keith Mack? (No, says Keith.)

– Eric