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Ape Escape Cartoons

Celebrate the Fourth with the Premiere of Ape Escape

July 2nd, 2009

Ape Escape Cartoon

Can you believe it? Ape Escape is finally debuting in the U.S. So, make sure you take a break this weekend from celebrating our nation’s independence by tuning in Nicktoons Network Sunday afternoon - 3:00 p.m. in the east; noon in the west - to watch the first of thirty-eight two-minute cartoons based on the very popular video game. While the series was produced by Frederator, Project 51, Hawaii Film Partners, and Showcase Entertainment, the big, special ape-like thanks goes to the shorts’ writers/board artists:

Mike Bell
Niki Yang
Adam Muto
Don Dougherty
Doug TenNapel
Karl Toerge
Andrew Dickman
Dave Cunningham
Mike Gray
Doug Gray
Chad Coyle
Sam Henderson
Chris McDonnell
Kenny Pittenger
Ross Kolde

An extra tip of the hat goes to Mr Toerge. Not just the supervising director, Karl pulled off the Herculean task of overseeing the show’s creative production from Day One, usually from his compound on the shores of Hawaii. Thanks for all the work, Karl.

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Ape Escape Trailer

December 11th, 2008

Ape Escape trailer from Fred Seibert on Vimeo.

No word, yet, from Nicktoons Network on when our 38 two-minute Ape Escape shorts - produced with Hawaii Film Partners and Project 51 Productions - will air, but here’s a quick sneak peak at what’s in store, just enough to whet your appetite.

– Eric

Fan Art from Claire

October 6th, 2008

Ape Escape Fan Art

We’ve wrapped up and delivered all thirty-eight two-minute Ape Escape shorts to Nicktoons Network. They should let us know soon how they plan to air them. In the meantime, here’s a slick piece of fan art featuring Specter. Thanks, Claire.

– Eric

NEW Ape Escape Animatic Clips!

November 14th, 2007


Here are some more animatic clips of current cartoons in production:

Niki Yang’s “Vampire Monkeys”
Specter has created an army of vampire monkeys who are in this clip stuck in an elevator (just trying to leave Specter’s hideout). A “hot cross bun” appears and tries to enter the elevator, terrifying all the vampires!

Dave Cunningham’s “Size Matters”
One of Specter’s monkeys messes with his machine and gets shrunk to a tiny size…in this scene, he is inside Specter’s brain bouncing around and causing Specter in involuntarily act out!

Andrew Dickman’s “Him Can’t Swim”
A Lifeguard Monkey believes he needs to give Specter mouth-to-mouth to save his life…Nuff Said!

Dave Cunningham’s “Clearing’ the Pipes”
Jimmy calls for plumbers and unfortunately gets monkeys to do to the job!

Don Dougherty’s “And A Side Order of Uki Uki”
Jimmy tries to order from what he believes to be a fast food sign!

Niki Yang’s “Belly’s Big Day”
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Ape Escape Animatic Clips!

October 11th, 2007


Here are some clips from the first animatics from Round 01, featuring the recorded dialogue:

Doug TenNapel’s “Ape Date”

Adam Muto’s “Blubber is Blubber”

Mike Bell’s “I Scream”

Doug TenNapel’s “Laser Eyes”

Adam Muto’s “Monkey to the Nth”

Mike Bell’s “Knock, Knock”

—Mike Gray

Recording Session #01

October 9th, 2007


We had our first record on October 5th, recording an amazing 9 (2-minute) Episodes in 4 hours! From left to right featuring our extremely talented voice talent: Annie Mumulo (voice of Jimmy and Natalie!), Greg Ellis (voice of the villian, Specter!), Mike Gray (Story Editor/Head Writer), Eric Bauza (Monkeys, Professor, and the creepy Hot Cross Bun!). The record went fantastic, with everyone turing in hilarious performances!

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More Great Boards from Round 01!

October 1st, 2007


A monkey cracks his helmut after a swing-set crash landing and ends up with LASER EYES! in Doug TenNapel’s terrific board entitled…”LASER EYES!”

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Quotable Quotes & Funny Gags from Round 01

September 20th, 2007


Mike Bell’s “I Scream” produced this classic line by Specter after the Monkeys begin making music with the cash register, “You’re bewitching me with your rhythms!”

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The latest color models.

September 13th, 2007

Ape EscapeColor Models_v4
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Second Wave of Shorts + Reviews!

September 11th, 2007


Left to Right: Andrew Dickman , Mike Gray , Doug Tennapel, Rann Watumull (Executive Producer for Hawaii Film Partners), Niki Yang , and Karl Toerge !

On Sept 5th we reviewed the first wave of cartoon boards from Don Dougherty , Niki Yang, Mike Bell , and Adam Muto (and they were all terrific)! And Sept 6th, we began with our second group of artists which include Doug Tennapel, Niki Yang, Dave Cunningham , , Andrew Dickman, and Doug Gray !

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