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Ape Escape Cartoons

Frederator goes Ape.

May 31st, 2007


Our colleague Kevin Kolde is a videogame freak. (Well, freak may be a little strong; he’s merely a fanatic.) Anyhow, recently I told you about the blog he started with Warren Ellis about the movie we’re doing with Kevin’s Project 51.

He’s at it again.

After years of pursuit, Kevin’s gotten the cartoon rights to the world famous nutty videogame Ape Escape. We’re about to start pre-production for a series of comedy shorts with the apes for Nicktoons. More to follow.



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Are the comedy shorts going to be broadcasted on television? Fred these look like 2 really great projects!


Thanks Steve. Yes, they’ll be broadcast on Nicktoons.


Have you heard about the Ape Escape anime from Japan? The anime series started since April 2006, and it’s now coming to an end with its final episode this weekend. I have a lot of information about the anime, if you’re interested. I have the episodes as well. You got to see it. It’s remarkablely great, the anime is based on the latest games of the Ape Escape series (Ape Escape 3, Million Monkeys, Piposaru Racer and Saru Saru Big Mission).

Here’s my Ape Escape fansite if you’re interested:

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