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We’re Sober Chimps and True

August 27th, 2007



Aquatic Ape Theory

And attentive to our duty. So far, it’s been an enjoyable experience working on these storyboards thanks mostly to the creative latitude that Kevin, Karl and Frederator have allowed for creating stories. I’m left free to imagine episodes both surreal and maritime. The latter kind probably due to constant viewing of the new Popeye set. While reading Tony Millionaire strips . . . and listening to sea shanties. But who knows where these things really spring from.


Serviette rend’ring by Pendleton Ward
Storyboard thumbnails on semi-official stationery.

Karl Toerge’s storyboard critiques have been a great help, spotting fat to be trimmed and smoothing over clunky areas. Maybe some boards will be posted once they’ve been vetted, revised, and approved. Meanwhile . . . here’s a glimpse of another episode in the works.

A million monkeys hammering at a million calculators for a million years will eventually all type in 58008

–A. Muto

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I’m anxious to see what you guys do with this series. I was a big fan of the first game on the PS One.


Wow this looks great! And it’s awesome that Random! artists/creators are apart of this! THis is definitely going to be great!


We’ve got a really funny team of talented folks on these pictures.

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