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Ape Escape Cartoons

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September 13th, 2007

Ape EscapeColor Models_v4
Ape Escape Cartoons

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Looks great!


I like how you’ve made the characters your own, yet retained just enough from the games to make the characters feel familiar. Nice stuff!


Just curious, were these games popular enough to warrent cartoons based on them??


Not a gamer, I can’t attest to how popular the games were/are (but there are a lot of them). In any event, the work on the series so far has turned out really good and - fingers crossed - will stand on its own. Hopefully it won’t matter if no one’s heard of the video game or if it’s in every household.


Ok cool, but on the other hand couldn’t the money be spent on cool original properties!!


Alex, this show is an original and cool, if I do say so myself. I’m not a gamer either, and if you know about our creative team, you’ll agree that they never do anything un-original.


Hey, I’m actually a fan of this game series! It’s pretty cool to see it get a cartoon. Looks like you guys went for a fun style and design, I like it! Did you guys play any of the games before production?


Carlos, Kevin Kolde (Project 51 Productions and Frederator) is the Executive Producer of Ape Escape Cartoons, and has been a loyal Ape player from the beginning…


I played the games. I even played the latest games of the Ape Escape series, that never goes out of Japan!

I hate to say this…but Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. has the rights to the Ape Escape franchise. They are the creators of the Ape Escape franchise.

Ape Escape has a small popularity in North America, but its popularity is beyond huge in Asia.


Uh, you might want to take a second swing at Jimmy and Natalie.

Also, going to use TAJ Studios like AE 2 or Studioplis like AE 3?
Can’t be the British English cast, that’d be silly.

Actauly, having Steve Blum involved with this project might help.
Just saying.


OMG AWMG! Specter is not liked he looked!

ugh, but i hope charlie schlatter is the voice of specter! he made him sound good


I Wait That This Show’ll Be Cancellated, Because this Is A Piece Of Junk


Ditto ditto ditto. Totally agree. Some AE fans and I saw a story board….and it sucked bad. Sorry, but it does. End of story. The characters sounded so different, AND SPECTER WAS ACTING LIKE A FREAKIN’ 9 YEAR-OLD!! HE’S 19!! Jeez… Plus Natalie had some boyfriend, and she likes Jake. Okay? This is just so annyoing…


And BTW, THERE ALREADY IS AN ANIME OUT THERE! If you wanna show Ape Escape on TV dub it. Each episode is only 10 minutes long, and it isn’t pointless storylines that will do anything to make immature six year-olds laugh.


Dude I love these games I cant wait for it to come out.


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mama mia he visto mejor dibujo tanto en su anime como en sus videojuegos pero ape escape asi se ganara un boh


Sé lo que quieres decir, De hecho me acaba de recibir la última copia de Ape Escape 3 en el que vivo. (Lo sé, lo afortunado)


bravo lo consegiste


I don’t like the animations. It ruins the established personalities of the characters. Master Specter’s hair is messed up(also, he isn’t supposed to have a nose), the Professor’s nose is too small, and his eyes are too close together, Jimmy is supposed to have spiky hair, Natalie’s head is too big, and her eyes are orange, not green. Also, if you are going to try and emulate Ape Escape to create a cartoon series, use one of the more up to date games, like Ape Escape Million Monkeys.


pero que dijo ape escape el anime es mucho mas caca que el cartoon que por lo menos es algo feo pero no tanto seria mejor que ape escape o se queda en videojuego o que dele a la gente comun como yo la capacidad de hacer algo de ape escape


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