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Quotable Quotes & Funny Gags from Round 01

September 20th, 2007


Mike Bell’s “I Scream” produced this classic line by Specter after the Monkeys begin making music with the cash register, “You’re bewitching me with your rhythms!”


Adam Muto’s Blubber is Blubber cartoon produced this hilarious sight gag, after Sailor Monkey jumps all the way into Ahab Monkey’s ear to tell him a shipis approaching!


Niki Yang’s Vampire Monkeys produced this hilarious scene of a “Hot Cross Bun” trying to enter the elevator full of terrified Vampire Monkeys!

More to come when I have some scans of Don Dougherty’s and Karl Toerge’s first boards also from Round 01!

–Mike Gray

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I’m lovin’ this so far! The gag with the Hot Cross Bun sent me into a giggle fit.


You’ve got some boards typed and some handwritten. Any tricks to getting the dialogue typed in?

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