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Ape Escape Cartoons

NEW Ape Escape Animatic Clips!

November 14th, 2007


Here are some more animatic clips of current cartoons in production:

Niki Yang’s “Vampire Monkeys”
Specter has created an army of vampire monkeys who are in this clip stuck in an elevator (just trying to leave Specter’s hideout). A “hot cross bun” appears and tries to enter the elevator, terrifying all the vampires!

Dave Cunningham’s “Size Matters”
One of Specter’s monkeys messes with his machine and gets shrunk to a tiny size…in this scene, he is inside Specter’s brain bouncing around and causing Specter in involuntarily act out!

Andrew Dickman’s “Him Can’t Swim”
A Lifeguard Monkey believes he needs to give Specter mouth-to-mouth to save his life…Nuff Said!

Dave Cunningham’s “Clearing’ the Pipes”
Jimmy calls for plumbers and unfortunately gets monkeys to do to the job!

Don Dougherty’s “And A Side Order of Uki Uki”
Jimmy tries to order from what he believes to be a fast food sign!

Niki Yang’s “Belly’s Big Day”
The Professor gets a Personal Trainer Monkey to help him lose his belly!

Hope you like them as much as we do!

–Mike Gray

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Are you all creating the new productions in widescreen and standard formats for the HD audience?


I guess they are ok. But I don’t get the first one. Isn’t it garlic or sunlight that vampires are afraid of? At least just do one scene where there is monkey-catching action. That’s where the true heart of Ape Escape is. And maybe Kei and Yumi and Aki added in some time.


Yarly. I like these, theyre humorous, but once again diverting from the main plot of ape escape. : I hope you guys dont mind the criticism, i love Ape Escape, and some of these cartoons are hilarious!




Will there be one clip where there are some monkey-catching action? It would be awesome.


I love this.
They are just hilarious.

As to the others before me,
I’m pretty sure that these don’t have to go with the main plot of Ape Escape.
They’re just parodies and short clip animations.


When are these coming to television or other?


Hehe, we’ve been needing some good western made videogame adaptations lately, and with some well known animators too (not that well-known and animators are used in the same sentence often)
Just a lil curious as to why you went with Ape Escape 2 characters instead of the first game. Some Yugioh issues involving Spike perhaps?

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