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Junkyo Seo & Kongyo Kang: Larry Huber in Korea.

September 22nd, 2009

 Dr. Dee & Bitboy co-creators (with Larry Huber) Junkyo Seo & Kongyo Kang
Junkyo Seo [Read more…]

Bitboy directors other works

November 22nd, 2006

Bitboy director’s art team

November 21st, 2006


Hi everyone in animation land this is the picture of my helpers for charactor development. The boy on the left is Yong Kook Hun and the girl is Ji Hyun Min. They are very talented young artists and they ae very nice persons as well. [Read more…]

Bitboy Director

November 17th, 2006


Hi! everyone my name is Yong Tak Choi. I am the director for the Bitboy production. I been in animation for around 20 years. I just love animation. My first love is animation but I also love kendo becasue I love to smash people on the head ( just joking). Well! I will write more about my self later cause I have to go back to Bitboy production the deadline is very near.

Bitboy first episode Dog gone!!

November 17th, 2006


비트보이의 first episode Dog gone!
모두들 기대하고 있는 비트보이의 first episode가곧
열심히 작업하고 있으니까 조금만 기다려 주세요^^

Korean Kartoons

October 31st, 2006

New Post

October 12th, 2006

Bitboy Art!

September 25th, 2006


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Incidental Characters: PICKLE COP

July 19th, 2006


Just like their live-action peers, starring characters in animation get all the press. Every TV Guide log line, every press photo, promotional art, even the name of the series all contain the star players. Pity the poor incidental characters that give spice and life to a cartoon, especially an action show like Dr. Dee & BitBoy. Consider, for example, Pickle Cop.

This strange but driven anti-villain is just trying to do his job no matter how distasteful. Dr. Dee owes many debt payments for funds borrowed to confront the Evil Black-Violet and his schemes. But debts must be paid and it’s Pickle Cop’s job to collect them. Why is this character a pickle? I don’t know. The Korean creators will only say that it’s because he’s funny looking. That he is. Funny-looking, grumpy, agressive, dim-witted but peristent, Pickle Cop is one awesome Gerkin! Limited to only one sequence where he [Read more…]

BitBoss, the visual.

June 29th, 2006


The technologically disadventaged require several attempts to do ANYTHING on a computer! (It’s in my contract.)