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May 31st, 2006


Just before going to our dialogue edit session today Angelo had an epiphany… He is Barry Angelo.

Anyone know where to buy one piece suits?


May 22nd, 2006


If you walk around the random cartoon studio everyone has headphones on or i-tunes open. Fred has been recommending new tunes to me for the past few days, but what is everyone else listing to?

I’ve been on a steady diet of Smile by Brian Wilson, Podcast, and audio books.

Angelo only listens to Megadeth.

Post it

April 25th, 2006


We just repitched our boards and we have a large pile of discarded drawings on post-it notes. If people started doing storyboards in the 30s and post-its didn’t come out untill the 80’s that’s 50 years of doing boards without post-it notes. I wonder how they did it?

late friday afternoon

April 21st, 2006


Long time reader, first time poster

April 5th, 2006


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