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Bravest Warriors

Bravest Warriors Theme Song

February 5th, 2007

casey and i finished off the theme song at 4 in the morning after the random cartoons wrap party. so turn your speakers up and brace yourself for eleven seconds of mind blowing WARRRR!!!!! brave war.. bravest warriors.

King Tut

June 2nd, 2006

Karl and Jim found out that i’m the reincarnation of Victor Buono. He played King Tut on 1960s Batman.


He died in 1982 and I was born. When I’m older I’ll be ripped though. Like John Kricfalusi.

I’m outa here! maybe i’ll blog again before my last day is out…. maybe. ooeeoooo

hot diggity dawwwwwwggggg

May 31st, 2006

Crunch Time. I’m outa here on FRIDAY!

So I am busy tweaking the last few things I can tweak. I have been watching my animatic over and over .. wondering what .. would make it funnier. When making the animatic.. we cushioned the timing on some scenes so that when we go back in to edit the cartoon we will have some excess slack to cover .. us.(<– that hyper link is a Autostereogram!) Does that make sense? I tried to explain it because I’m excited to edit down the cushions.. to make the timing funnier.

Ahhh.. I’ve gotta get back to work.

E = MC Delicious

April 27th, 2006


hi.. So I just finished recording… i guess Melissa allready blogged about that. umm.. right now i’m just trying to get everything organized. I’m going back into the boards and fixing things. My BG designer Colin Fleming and I have been discussing holograms.. so I am going back in and drawing Brain Dog hologram characters.
That’s about it. Going to edit the dialogue next thursday… then do the animatic on monday. Man, Floyd Bishop has a really nice production blog. It really covers everything and is nice to read.. mine is kinda … eh..


April 11th, 2006


the one by the printer. I used magic tape. somebody flushed it too hard and the chain broke off. but now it works! so pee pees for all!

that’s all.

I just came back from auditions for The Bravest Warriors. It went swimmingly. Now I have to listen to them over and over.. and .. decide. Everyone auditioned rediculously well. It’s always a good guffaw in the sound booth.

-pendleton ward

I Have 4 Meetings Tomorrow

April 4th, 2006


This is Beth. She has a Laser Whip tucked away in those fists. and those boots.. those are rocket boots. Chris has a crush on her. WILL HE KISS HER? you’ll have to find out.. innn.. maybe some months? I don’t know.

maybe I’ll wear a suit tomorrow.

i know what everyone is thinking

March 10th, 2006

I know I know.. you’re sitting at home on a Friday night.. you can’t sleep.. you’re refreshing the Frederator cartoons blog over and over again.. waiting.. and hoping.. and wishing.. please Pendleton.. I don’t know anything about your cartoon.. but will there be any fart jokes in it? Please.. Please blog about fart jokes.

and I’ll tell yah buddy. Yes. There will be fart jokes. There is only one composed fart joke right now. but.. I can always add more fart sounds during post.


So don’t worry. Even if this joke gets canned.. I promise there will be at least one fart sound in my cartoon. Even if I can’t find a decent place for a fart sound, I bet I could stretch one out in the computer so it’ll be all low and ominous for a general space static ambient noise.

Now rest your heads my darlings. rest and sleep easy.

warrriorrrrrsssssss come out and plaaayyaaaaaeeeeee

March 6th, 2006

The Bravest Warriors is about four 13-15 year old space travelers warping around through galaxies saving cute alien worlds with their emotions.