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Bronk & Bongo


February 21st, 2007


Yes it’s true Bronk and Bongo fans! Manny Galan will be making an appearance at the NEW YORK COMIC CON on Satruday, February 24th at the CHAOTIC UNICORN booth. He’ll be signing copies of COMBINATION PLATTER, an independent press anthology series that features an assortment of his original characters and stories.

Feel free to stop by and heckle him as to what’s taking Bronk and Bongo so long.

There will be other items for sale as well, LIMITED EDITION dolls, Stickers, buttons, a LIMITED EDITION ALBUM and we’ll be debuting a world premiere animated music video too! Sheesh. We need to get some sleep.

One of the characters appearing in COMBINATION PLATTER has started a blog and is currently chronicalling his journey to the convention.

Click HERE to catch up on his adventures. Start from the bottom!

Hope to see you there.

Bloggingly yours, NALA and YNNAM


February 20th, 2007


Here is a lovely piece of fan art from my friend ERIK CHICHESTER. I love how Bongo is coming out of Bronk’s mouth. Because that would totally happen! Sweet!

Bloggingly yours, Manfred and Alien

Now in COLOR!

February 8th, 2007


Hallo Friends! So we’ve got final animation and have locked our picture. We’re currently in sessions with a composer for our final score and I’m so excited that well will be using actual musicians instead of synthesized music.

I love John Tesh well enough but I really like it when you can feel the organic nature of an actual instrument being plinked, strummed, blown…er…heh…or um all of the above.

Anyway, below is a link to our toon as it creeps toward the finish line. Sound effects and music to follow. All should be wrapped up in about 3 weeks.

CLICK HERE and enjoy a small slice of Bronk and Bongo’s phantasmagorical, animated hootenanny, slapstick shenanigans in full panagraphic motion picture color.

Bloggingly yours, Scarecrow and Mrs.King


January 31st, 2007


So last week was the official RANDOM CARTOONS wrap party, sponsored by FREDERATOR™ and boy was I star struck. You see, Alan is quite used to rubbing elbows with Hollywood royalty. He was the first adopted son of Brad and Angelina. He was the first actor cast in HOME ALONE and later digitally replaced by rapper EXHIBIT who was then later replaced by Macaulay Culkin. He also dated both Rosemary Clooney and George Clooney…the list goes on and on.

But my exposure to celebrities has been limited to the check out counter at the local STOP and SHOP. Well, my head was spinning! There was FRED STOLLER, STEVE PURNICK, TERESA GANZEL ( a crush of mine since the DUCK FACTORY), JOHN KASSIR, GARY CONRAD (another crush of mine since the DUCK FACTORY) and many, many more.
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January 23rd, 2007


Hi everyone, it’s been a while, 3 months to be accurate, since our last post. Dang holidays and Alan’s unexpected “Bad Touch” incarceration has set us back some. But the GOOD NEWS is the show is almost in the can so lets play a quick game of catch up. First off, our final promotional post card can be seen above, special thanks to my girlfriend Jen for her work on the logo.

Below is our title card for the short. I had done a set prior to this that looked like a HANNA-BARBERA title card from the 60’s but we decided against using it because as much as I love HB we felt that the show should have it’s own voice. And we wanted to avoid any confusion as to what century this cartoon was made in.

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Happy Halloween

October 30th, 2006


Hi everyone. No this isn’t art from the 6 MONSTERS project, this was a short I made for Halloween last year based on one of the first characters I designed for NICKELODEON on air. His name is PETEY PIECEMEAL and his cat is NAPOLEON BLOWNAPART. This short was animated by John Siciliano at Virtual Persuasion.

I’d love to do more spots with this little guy. Have a Happy and safe Halloween.

Bloggingly yours, Alan and Manny


October 11th, 2006


Well I got such a good response when I posted links to the Holiday spots I did a few years ago for our MERRY NICKMAS campaign that I’ve decided to post links to some more.

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October 9th, 2006


I did this little sketch of Bronk during a staff meeting. He’s cute huh? Bronk and Bongo are currently working in a Gucci handbag factory in Korea while their short is being animated.

Bronk has got Bongo cranking out a thousand handbags a day. BRONK is a bit of a BALL BUSTER.

Bloggingly yours, Manny And Alan


October 3rd, 2006



Well last week the first batch of models, color guides, props and backgrounds were shipped off to our studio in Korea. So they can burn them or poop on them or something. No! Wait. They’ll be animating! America will be doing the pooping!

We should be seeing our first pass at animation in the next couple of months. All praise FREDERATOR!

Anyway, it’s been about a year and a half since Alan and I started working on this project and there were times we never thought we’d get out from under it. Like some kind of visit from your mother in law, we just didn’t know when it would end.

And to really rub it in, some of our talented colleagues on this web site finished 2 cartoons in the time it took us to just spell BRONK and BONGO! In fact I think [Read more…]

Worst Tattoo ever!

October 2nd, 2006


Yes, it’s true. Alan’s daughter, LILY, is such a devout fan of BRONK and BONGO and such a staunch supporter of everything her father does that she saved up her lunch money and got this lovely tattoo of BONGO permanently affixed to her lovely 8 year old arm.

Lily, I sincerely hope that BRONK and BONGO enjoy a long and healthy career as cartoon characters and end up becoming enduring American Pop icons that never do anything to cause you embarrassment or you will have ruined your arm for life. Take it from me. I still regret getting that OJ SIMPSON tattoo.

Still, this isn’t the worst thing you could deface your flesh with. In fact it’s hard to top any of THESE poor choices. And for those of you who don’t get it…click on the word THESE to see what I’m talking about.

Seriously, what was that woman with the GOLDEN PALACE [Read more…]