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The Importance of RANDOM CARTOONS

June 30th, 2006


I recently stumbled upon a internet poll regarding RANDOM CARTOONS. It basically asked diehard cartoon fans what they thought of the up coming season of OH YEAH! now officially titled RANDOM cartoons. And 90% of the posts were completely apathetic about it. And some were downright belligerent.

The idea that these are 39 shorts that are created by true animators who are fans of the medium is just flat out amazing. I know that I feel blessed to have this opportunity. I thank Fred for believing in me and my ideas and all of the other creators as well.

As an insider I have seen shows get produced for all the wrong reasons or worse, good ideas mangled into horrendous ones by focus groups and corporate lapdogs. In fact it’s a wonder a good cartoon can even be made today. There are so many demographics, business goals and political and content hurdles a cartoon idea has to meet, jump through and negotiate that it’s amazing anything decent ever makes it to air at all.

Back in the day it was just the animators that created and wrote cartoons to entertain general audiences, kids and adults. They didn’t have focus groups, or meetings with licensees. Things didn’t have to be able to translate into a video game and a line of clothing and assorted products. Their only concern was making a good and funny cartoon with appealing characters and designs.

They didn’t have to worry about what kind of food might be shown in a scene because they don’t want to promote unhealthy eating habits in children. They didn’t have to worry that kids wouldn’t know what a PIANO CONCERTO is, or that kids wouldn’t know classical music at all for that matter. And they sure as heck didn’t run their ideas past psychologists for their input. The only thing that mattered was if it made you laugh? It was just about making good cartoons.

I applaud Frederator for creating an experimental platform like OH YEAH! and RANDOM CARTOONS. It’s not just a “random” collection of nonsense thrown together to see what sticks. It’s a celebration of creativity and animation put back into the hands people who love that art form the most. There isn’t a single other outlet offering this kind of opportunity to anyone right now. Seven minutes to give a new original idea a chance, without having to meet the standards and criteria of the mega corporations that air cartoons, sell product or promote other lines of business? That’s pretty much unheard of.

Frederator realizes that the best ideas are usually the most pure and the best cartoons are made by their creators and not by a committee of businessmen who have never even seen a cartoon. Thanks to this train of thought we were able create Bronk and Bongo with as little interference as possible.

Maybe all the shorts won’t appeal to everyone, but at least they were all made with love and purity of vision by their creators. And that alone should be applauded, appreciated and most of all supported.

That is, unless you want more shows like WINX CLUB.

Bloggingly yours, Alan and Manny.

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I could not agree more! I am surprised that die hard cartoon fans would be angry about the Random Cartoon idea in general though. If Winx Club is what’s on and die hard fans hate it you’d think they’d know that Frederator was getting it right based on it’s past success rate. Ah well! to each his own. I also say thank you Fred and Co. for letting the little guy’s (and gal’s)ideas be heard!


Yeah Mike, ultimately to actually pay attention to any of the internet rumblings on anything is preposterous. Most of the time fanboys are just enjoying the fact that they can voice their opinion about something and someone will read it. And most of the time people only like to voice negativity. I really just saw it as fuel to write about how wonderful an opportunity this actually is and how revolutionary the idea of Cartoons by Cartoonists can be. Actually it shouldn’t be revolutionary as this is how it used to be, but in this day and age, it’s inheard of.




I agree completely with your comments above. Where was this internet poll? I’d like to see that.


It was a forum on Toonzone. There were actually a few favorable comments to a few of the shows, yours in particular was singled out if I remember by a few people. Apparently folks are excited that someone who loves cartoons as much as you got a chance to make one.


Amen to you Alan and Manny. I couldn’t agree more.


I agree. I can’t remember when I’ve seen such a wide range of characters, from Cow Pirates to Goat inventors. Also, the blogs are a great way to get in progress feedback from your public. It’s great to be a part of this. Thanks Fred and crew!


Precisely. The idea that a toon fan could toon in and see in one sitting a show about a cow pirate, a Goat inventor and a Bratwurst? Come on? Not many places offering one stop shopping like that. Certainly not on TV.


Dude, where IS that poll? I did a search for it on toon Zone and came up empty? Do you remeber what it was called?

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