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October 11th, 2006


Well I got such a good response when I posted links to the Holiday spots I did a few years ago for our MERRY NICKMAS campaign that I’ve decided to post links to some more.


I’ve also included a lot of my original concept art and turnarounds.


I’m sure you will all recognize exactly what we were spoofing…


Some of these original concepts even made me nervous we were getting too close to the source material.


The insanely talented Samantha Berger and I locked ourselves in my office for about a month and watched every Holiday special imaginable and wrote and wrote and wrote.


With apologies and much admiration to Charles Shulz.


The fact that we were able to get away with parodying as much as we did still fills me with glee to this day. We would never be able to get away with most of this now.

What do you think? Did we succeed in flooding you with nostalgia?


Bloggingly yours, Alan and Manny.

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I forgot to mention that both of these spots were animated by John Siciliano and his crew at VIRTUAL PERSUASION and they did an amazing job aping the styles we wanted.

That’s my shout out!


Right back at you baby!!!!


Holy crap! When were these made?!


These were made about 4 years ago now. It was the second big job I did when I joined Nickelodeon On-Air. Glad you liked them enough to use the word “CRAP!”


u,,,these are my favorites wanted to see more…..
how do you know… check my blog please…….I need to tell you something more…
happy halloweeeeeeeeenn!!


love the Peanuts tribute. too bad you couldn’t use your Peanutized Rugrats designs.


Stunning, just stunning!!!!
I love these!


I love it very inspiring! i’ll be back.

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