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Call Me Bessie!

Mix and MusicMeister

May 11th, 2006


Well folks, we are back from Los Angeles and are proud to say that Call Me Bessie! is now complete. And it turned out even better than we expected (we don’t mind saying)! But before we write that final, sad, sappy blog where we thank everyone who made our dream of bringing a hyper happy cow and paranoid elephant to life, we want to thank someone who thus far has been somewhat overlooked (fortunately, when Diane finally got around to cleaning out the dust bunnies from her bellybutton, we found him!).

The man pictured here is noneother than musicmastermeistro Peter Lurye. We have been working with this musical genius for the past couple of months to create the music and score for Call Me Bessie! Peter brought to the project his wicked sense of humor, talent and generosity (especially with his time), not to mention some really good scoring and composing…We [Read more…]


May 2nd, 2006


Holy cow! Check out Macy Moo’s rendition of Bessie in her underwear (she was wondering where and when those undies would turn up). Let’s hear it for eight-year old Macy, who sent us fan art all the way from Savannah, Georgia!!

And we suppose you might be wondering where in the heck Bessie, Al and the gang have been (yes, we’ve all been down low for months now…Dana FINALLY got hitched, Diane, by the skin of her two long teeth, graduated from Miss Becky’s Ettiquette School for Silly Girls, Bessie led a round the block walk in fight for marshmallow rights and Al…well, Al stayed home to sharpen his toe nails (never know when you’ll need to protect yourself from a surprise attack!)

Hmmm, and what else? Oh yeah, the womenz will finally be going back to Los Angeles to finalize the sound effects and the final mix (when we [Read more…]

Emma Bruns fan art!!

March 16th, 2006


A big thank you to Miss Emma Bruns for her fabulous fan art of Bessie and Al! Look out artists there’s some stiff competition coming your way!!

TAG Adam Henry and Pen Ward!!

March 2nd, 2006


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Thank You Dante Mastri!

January 9th, 2006


The FAN ART is just rolling in folks…perhaps a wee exaggeration, but we LOVE FAN ART. And we love Dante Mastri for his rendition of a CALL ME BESSIE! Valentine’s Day — “A Teddy Bear Affair” — the show where Bessie convinces Al to work for a day at the Tiny Tot Teddy Bear Factory. All is well, until Bessie�(Egads, what are we doing�we can�t tell you the storyline until Nickelodeon picks up the show�and er, we write it!)

For the record kids, you don’t have to be an artist to render FAN ART…just take a moment to let your creative juices flow and viola, FAN ART is born.

Hmmm, how many more times can we say FAN ART?

Uh, that’s 11 times. We can say FAN ART 11 times.

Unless of course, you SEND US MORE…

Our First Fan Art!

January 5th, 2006


Go Mike Guillen! We love Mike not only for his riveting personality and astonishing good looks, but also for submitting our first piece of fan art AND for really “getting” our characters.

As you can see in his image, Bessie worked her little cowrearend off decorating her trailor for the holidays. Now if we could only get her to decorate BEFORE KwanikuhChristmas instead of AFTER, we’d be in good shape! Al , on the other hand, didn’t do anything..he was inside brooding because he couldn’t finish his moat before the snowstorm…

That’s okay, there’s always next year. You know, during the season finale. You see Call Me Bessie! will go to series because of all our fabulous fans keep blogging about how much they love our characters…until Nickelodeon just HAS to pick it up.

Are you picking up any clues here?!

Happy New Year!


December 17th, 2005


Bessie: “Happy, happy, happy…oh I’m so happy…everyone’s happy…be happy!”

Al: “Bessie.”

Bessie: “Yes Al?!”

Al: “Bessie, just say it!”

Bessie: “Well, I WAS thinking that if my Great Grandmother Bettina Bethune would have married your Great Grandfather Dexter Drip (or was it Drop?), than that would make us…”

Al: “BESSIE! Stop it. You’re supposed to say HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!”

Bessie: “Oh Al, that was so beautiful. So sweet… You’re so sweet… Really such a sweetie pie…Why you could just be the sweetest elephant on earth…or the planet…the universe even…oh Al…”

Al: “Forget it…I give up…”


We wish you love, peace, and serenity this holiday season…(and everything else that puts a smile on your face…well, maybe not everything…like Eric might wish for more happy face undies, and we just don’t think that would be right…I mean, how could we really condone that…it just seems a little [Read more…]

Solve the Mystery of the Missing Ticket!

December 9th, 2005


Oops! The “Clean Yur Pants” Laundromat has misplaced the ticket for this very special item. Miss Edna Lickiticki, the owner, is offering a reward valued at $1,576.15 to anyone who can assist in identifying the rightful owner.

If you have information or tips on how to retrieve the ticket or deliver the goods, please post them here. Whoever solves this mystery will receive a hands-on tutorial, led by noneother than Miss Lickiticki herself, entitled “How to Get Elephant Pee Out of Paper Mache Clothing in 5 Seconds or Less.”

Thank you.

The Management

Welcome to Korea!

December 5th, 2005


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There Goes the Neighborhood!

November 16th, 2005


It’s hard to believe the real estate agent actually agreed to sell to these two unlikely neighbors. Fortunately for us, Jeanne Schmunkeel, agent extraordinaire, was in it for the money, not the neighborhood or these two never would have met! And you would be deprived of meeting our heros, Bessie and Al.

Let’s hear it for Jeanne!

What?! You’re looking for more? Sheez, you’re demanding. Well, we ship to Korea soon and expect animation back in February. That’s when post production starts with fun things like choosing the music and creating the sound effects. Translation, that’s when we we go back to California and REALLY ROCK THE HOUSE! (OK, maybe not, but it made us sound cool, no?!)

Stay tuned and keep in touch. The door’s always open.