Call Me Bessie!

Bessie and Friends Come to Life!

September 21st, 2005


Last week in LA we recorded the voice tract for Call Me Bessie! What a blast!! A big thanks goes out to Audrey Wasilewski (Bessie), Fred Stoller (Al), and Dee Bradley Baker (Senor Swampy, dolphins and turkey). These talented actors really brought our characters to life - in other words they NAILED ‘em! (From left to right in the photo above: Dana Galin, Yvette Kaplan (our fearless director), Fred Stoller, Audrey Wasilewski, Dee Bradley Baker, and Diane Kredensor.)

Next stop - ANIMATIC (that’s when our super duper production crew scans the storyboard and matches each panel with the voice tract so we can get a better feel for the timing and flow of the show).

Things are really MOOving now…

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Fred Stoller ROCKS. I always liked his “Thrillseeker” song when I was a kid, and I remember an episode of Empty Nest where he played a hypochondriac and had this oft-repeated list of things wrong with him that he’d repeat in the same order.


Sounds like it was a blast!!


The show sounds like it is really mooooooving
along. Keep up the good work and with Diane & Dana in there it will surely be a HIT.


That guy looks like Ray Romano! No way! Looking forward to some colored shots.


I can’t believe how excited I am for you guys!! The animatic’s where it’ll all come together…that’s gonna be so cool!


Cows in scuba gear? How funny is that???? I love it! My buddy Che Carsner told me to check out this site and I was cracking up. It’s all about the udders.


I am sitting on the edge of my seat!!! I can hardly wait to see the final cut


I can’t take it any more! I need to see more! And now, voices have been recorded? I’m going to pass out with antcipation.


This looks histerical!!!!! I can’t wait until my children can enjoy it!! Great pictures Diane!!!



I’ve been trying to get in touch with you. I’m still in LA. Tony E. didn’t have your number over the summer. Plaesa call me asap.


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