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Flashy Kiwis in Channel Frederator Awards Episode 6

July 1st, 2008

In this Tuesday’s episode, we have all kinds of exciting news. Firstly, we’ve announced our Cartoonist of the Year! We consider this award our most prestigious out of all of the Channel Frederator Awards as it’s designed to recognize the one person who made the biggest impact on animation this past year. Look out for a whole separate blog entry about winner, Marjane Satrapi later today.
Our other winners announced today include the winner for Best Flash Film and the Kiwi Award winner!

Flash has changed the animation industry forever. Allowing filmmakers to do everything in one fairly self-contained program, Flash has given life to a grass-roots animation movement. Just about anyone can use Flash, however, in the right hands, some people can create true works of art. Our nominees - The Brothers McLeod for “The M Man”, Doogtoons for “Trapped In the Drive-Thru” and Chris Harding and Maura Cluthe for “Make Mine Shoebox”. Let me tell you, folks, this was SERIOUS competition. All three of these films are so great and so deserving of the “Best Flash Film Award”. In the end, “Make Mine Shoebox” prevailed. “Shoebox” is one of my favoriter cartoons that we’ve played on Channel Frederator. It’s beautifully animated, plus the sense of humor is just brilliant. You’ll find yourself chuckling consistently through this film.

Also in this week’s episode is the “Kiwi Award”! Everyone who hears about the Kiwi Award says: “The what award?” You heard me! The Kiwi Award! This category recognizes all of our faithful filmmakers from New Zealand - land of the Kiwis. We couldn’t help but notice the large number of really fantastic films from our friends down-under. Flux’s “Dominate Wax” is edgy, and gorgeously animated, Alex Dron’s (previous Cartoon of the Month Winner!) “FOT Champion of the World” will leave you in stitches, but our good friends over at Mukpuddy are the ones with a shiny new Freddie on their shelves!
Congrats to all of our very deserving winners. Tune in tomorrow for the winning film in the “Best Design” category. - Carrie

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