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Flashy Kiwis in Channel Frederator Awards Episode 6

July 1st, 2008

In this Tuesday’s episode, we have all kinds of exciting news. Firstly, we’ve announced our Cartoonist of the Year! We consider this award our most prestigious out of all of the Channel Frederator Awards as it’s designed to recognize the one person who made the biggest impact on animation this past year. Look out for a whole separate blog entry about winner, Marjane Satrapi later today.
Our other winners announced today include the winner for Best Flash Film and the Kiwi Award winner!

Flash has changed the animation industry forever. Allowing filmmakers to do everything in one fairly self-contained program, Flash has given life to a grass-roots [Read more…]

The 2008 Channel Frederator Awards - Best Flash Film, The Kiwi Award and The Cartoonist of the Year

July 1st, 2008

Click on the pic to watch the episode in question.

The Channel Frederator Awards are Here!!! It was a hot, feverish, and fierce competition!!!

Find out if your favorite cartoons claimed the Big, Red, Hunk of Burning Fred!!!

Watch which film took home a Freddie for Best Flash Video! Was your pick even close? Our favorite Flash film Flashes so bright, you just might need some Frederator Branded shades!

Kiwi fruit is good. But Kiwi animators are better. Find out which animating New Zealanders won in our Kiwi Award!

And finally, our Cartoonist of the Year Award went to Marjane Satrapi for her work and her film, Persepolis! She is Awesome. We wholeheartedly think you will all agree!!!

Watch all the nominees at
-Jeaux Janovsky