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Channel Frederator Awards

Saving the Best for Last, Channel Frederator Awards Episode 9

July 9th, 2008

It is with much sniffling and sorrow that the Channel Frederator Awards bid you adieu. We leave you with one of our top awards - the Producers’ choice award. This year, we had so many wonderful films eligible and our producer’s top choice was hotly debated. Eventually the CF team managed to narrow it down to Sub! by Jesse Schmal!
I’ll leave you with the thoughts that the great and powerful Eric Homan, President of Programming for Channel Frederator, had to say about both Jesse and his film. sub.jpg

Back when Jesse Schmal’s epic Rhode Island School of Design film, “Sub!’, picked up Channel Frederator Cartoon of the Month honors, we asked the filmmaker about the genesis of the piece:

“The idea was made from lifting several characters and props from the sketchbooks I made during a year in Rome for school. I’m very insecure and inexperienced when it comes to writing anything [Read more…]

Side-Splitters in Channel Frederator Awards Episode 8

July 8th, 2008

Today’s Channel Frederator Awards episode features the film that you voted as “Funniest Film”. We had some serious side-splitters in this category.
Mike Bell’s Super Santa in ‘Vegetation’ comes to us from the “Oh Yeah! Cartoons” archives. Just the concept of this buff bearded Santa and his buxom wife are enough to get you chuckling, but when you see Santa duke it out with a room full of vegetables, it’s tough not to loose it.
Mortimer Pigmun and His Time Traveling Chums is both unique and hysterical. The story of a smart little pig, Mortimer, turns hysterical when his nemesis steals his secret to time-travel. It’s hard to summarize such a unique plot, but Matt Witham and Jeff Wallenhorst, the twisted minds behind this film, must have licked a lot of frogs in preparation…
In the end, the prize went to Doug Bresler of Doogtoons for his animated music video for Wierd Al’s “Trapped in the [Read more…]

Marjane Satrapi - Cartoonist of the Year!

July 1st, 2008


Here at Channel Frederator headquarters, we consider Cartoonist of the Year to be our most prestigious award. This award goes to the one person in cartoons who has made the biggest impact on the industry. We ask for input from all of our viewers, then argue fiercely about it here at Channel Frederator headquarters. This year was tough. We had a few great suggestions. In the end, however, we really thought that Marjane Satrapi, creator behind Persepolis, truly deserved this award. Eric Homan, Channel Frederator’s President of Programming, wrote a great tribute to Marjane for the Channel Frederator Awards program, so I’ll leave it to him! - Carrie

When we created the Cartoonist of the Year category for last year’s inaugural Channel Frederator Awards, we decided the honor would go to the person who brought the most attention to the world of animation in recent months. Choosing our first recipient, John Lasseter, was an easy call. Even easier was choosing this year’s winner, Marjane Satrapi.

Ms Satrapi, who co-directed and co-wrote Persepolis with Vincent Paronnaud, based the movie on her own autobiographical graphic novels. By making the film, she’s given the average American adult audience everything it craves in its movie-going experience – a French, hand-drawn, [Read more…]

Flashy Kiwis in Channel Frederator Awards Episode 6

July 1st, 2008

In this Tuesday’s episode, we have all kinds of exciting news. Firstly, we’ve announced our Cartoonist of the Year! We consider this award our most prestigious out of all of the Channel Frederator Awards as it’s designed to recognize the one person who made the biggest impact on animation this past year. Look out for a whole separate blog entry about winner, Marjane Satrapi later today.
Our other winners announced today include the winner for Best Flash Film and the Kiwi Award winner!

Flash has changed the animation industry forever. Allowing filmmakers to do everything in one fairly self-contained program, Flash has given life to a grass-roots [Read more…]

Spicing It Up - Channel Freederator Awards Ep 5

June 25th, 2008

Variety is the spice of life… at least that’s what I’ve been told. We certainly have variety on our hands today as our host, Justin Johnson, doles out the awards for Best Music Video, Best Foreign Film, the Sick, Sick, Sick Award and the Joe Robot Award. That’s a lot of great content, so make sure you check the episode out. For now, here’s some info about the films and the filmmakers behind them!anfang.jpg
Alexander Gellner is the creative man behind “Anfang Anzufangen”. This film takes home two wins - one for Best Foreign Film and another for Best Music Video. Working out of Berlin, Alex created this video for stonedeafproductions‘ song “Anfang Anzufangen”. The film is a combination of traditional animation, paper collage and stop motion. We got the chance to meet Alex when he was in town and he is one [Read more…]

Double Trouble - Channel Frederator Awards Ep. 4

June 25th, 2008

In Episode 4 of the Channel Frederator Awards, we actually have two - count ‘em, TWO double awards winners! Plus, we announce the winner of the Cartoon of the Year. So without further adieu…

We got a boatload of e-mails voting for our Cartoon of the Year and in the end, it was a close call, but our viewers chose Fumi and the Bad Luck Foot, by David Chai. David is also taking home the award for “Best Traditional Film” so he has a gorgeous set of bookends. Congrats David!
I must admit that I’ve been in love with Fumi for a long time. Not [Read more…]

Above and Beyond

June 18th, 2008


Also announced in today’s Channel Frederator Awards episode was the winner of our Vanguard Award, Dan Meth. This award is juried by the programming team at Channel Frederator and is designed to honor someone that’s doing something very new for animation. We decided that Dan Meth was an excellent candidate. Not only is he working in a completely modern style - all digital and able to do every aspect on his own, but he is doing it successfully. Below is an essay written by Herb Scannell in recognition of Dan’s award: [Read more…]

CG At Its Best

June 18th, 2008


Today’s episode of the Channel Frederator Awards features the nominees and winning film of the Best CG Award (as well as the very special Vanguard Award, but more on that later…). Our nominees were greatly varied and all much deserving - Mark Shirra’s hilarious “A Great Big Giant Robot From Outer Space”, “Cocotte Minute,” a colorful, non-stop race of CG fun from Sylvain Marc, and of course, “Kiwi” by Dony Permedi.
“Kiwi” snatched up this prize, along with the many others that Dony has collected over the past year and a half since releasing his student film. In an interview with Channel Frederator, Dony said:

“The goal for my thesis was to use animation to create empathy with my character and the audience. The story was just a means to that end. I had laid out and known for months what I wanted to do with my animation first, and then brainstormed [Read more…]

Channel Frederator Awards -Episode 2

June 17th, 2008

Here it is folks! Your second installment of the Second Annual Channel Frederator Awards. In this episode we view the films that won the “Badass Bunny Award” category, as well as the film by Channel Frederator’s Youngest Filmmaker.inthebeginning.png
So, I’m sure you’re thinking - “Badass Bunnies?” Well…when we sit down and review all of the nomination categories you guys suggest and compare them to our various films, some just jump (or hop) out at us. When someone suggested “Badass Bunnies” we thought- how perfect! Bunnies run rampant in the history of Channel Frederator. It was stiff competition with these three. Elizabeth Ito’s “Hot Cross Bunnies” are a bunch of bunnies that, while oh-so-cute, would kick your butt in a heartbeat. Meanwhile, Ben Meinhardt’s bunnies were a whole different beast! In the two part “Animals In Love/Binge & Purge” happy bunnies transform into human-eating, civilization-destroying monsters. But in the end, the votes [Read more…]

One week to go.

June 3rd, 2008

2008 CFAs

Next Tuesday, June 10, is the day we announce the winners of the 2008 Channel Frederator Awards. Just like in 2007 it was an embarrassment of riches, and I’m sure when you voted, just like all of us, it was hard making a decision in every category. We’re all lucky to have the greatest filmmakers in the world allowing us to share their cartoons on Channel Frederator.

A big disappointment this year is we’re not going to be able to meet as many of you in person as we’d like and hand out the Freddies in person. Logistical issues bolixed us up and we’re concentrating on delivering a great online event rather than a live party.

Please join us starting June 10 for the round up and announcement of all our great winners. We’ll start that day, and then two special episodes a week for the next four weeks, highlighting the winners [Read more…]