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“Distraxion” with Dreamworks’ Mike Stern

May 3rd, 2010


This week’s Channel Frederator film “Distraxion” comes to us from Mike Stern, who is currently working at Dreamworks Animation and is an instructor at and was kind enough to do a quick interview.

Channel Frederator: Where did you study animation?

Mike Stern: I went to NYU to study digital imaging and design. This is where I got my start in general 3D. Towards the end of my studies there I decided to specialize in animation. As luck would have it AnimationMentor was just opening its doors and I signed up to be part of their first class.

CF: Who are your favorite artists?

MS: Right now hanging up around my cube I’ve got some work by Hylton Warburton and Yoshitomo Nara.

CF: What gave you the idea for “Distraxion”?

MS: The idea actually came from a real life experience. Some co-workers and I went to lunch at an outdoor restaurant and we were seated right next to these [Read more…]

Jazz! Circus Tricks! Vegetables! Watch Our Fantastical ‘Toons!

May 3rd, 2010

Come one, come all to Channel Frederator, a stupendous side show of animation oddities! See the works of astonishing big-shot studio animators, astounding indie artists, and amazing post-it note flipbook animation the likes of which you’ve never seen! You with the face! Step right up and take a look…

Channel Frederator - “Distraxion” by Mike Stern: There’s no such thing as ‘easy listening’ in this CG smooth jazz fiasco.

Fredbits - “More Circus Tricks History Forgot” submitted by Totem X: Another short from the master of flipbookery Totem X!

Cartoon Hangover - “Porn on the Cob” by Dax Norman: Finally, a reason to eat your vegetables.

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WARNING: Channel Frederator is rated EXPLICIT. Man, cartoons are so *bleepin’* excellent. Oops. Sorry. Some content on CF is [Read more…]

Chickens, Robots & Dinosaurs! Oh, My!

April 26th, 2010

What a WEEK we have planned for you, Channel Frederator friends! Chickens! Robots! Dinosaurs! ALL IN ONE WEEK. Can you handle it?! Yes. Yes you can, and you will love every second of it. Cluck Cluck, wizz clank, ROOOAAARRR!

MONDAY Channel Frederator - “Chicken Cowboy” by Stephen Neary : A humble chicken learns to be brave in the face of bullies, bullets, and toast.

WEDNESDAY Fredbits - “Robot Dance Wars” by Toby Dale: Because the best way to settle a score is to just dance it out.

FRIDAY Cartoon Hangover - “Dino Rider” by Mikkel Siercke: A boy uses a dinosaur to exact revenge on his enemies (in lieu of dancing out his anger, it would seem).

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WARNING: Channel Frederator is rated EXPLICIT. Man, cartoons are [Read more…]

Happy Earth Day! Hug a Tree! Watch Some ‘Toons!

April 22nd, 2010

Happy Earth Day, Cartoon Friends!

Not only do we have an eco-friendly main show on Channel Frederator this week, but we also have a brand new weekly mini-program! Fredbits is go! The new show from Channel Frederator that’s just one very short and sweet ‘toon. If you have a film that is one minute or under, submit it here! Plus the world’s most awkward interview on Friday’s Cartoon Hangover. Not to be missed!

Channel Frederator - “Plastic Fish” by Naissance TV: Don’t throw trash out into the wild. You know better.

Fredbits - “Go Greener” submitted by Rex Martin: Quick Post It note animation that encourages cycling and recycling.

Cartoon Hangover - “Craig T. Squirrel” by Mike Hollingsworth: A case of mistaken identity wreaks havoc on some cuddly forest animals.

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New Show! FredBits: Toons in one minute or less!

April 21st, 2010

I’m not going to lie to you guys. After Dan Meth concluded his run on Meth Minute and Nite Fight for Channel Frederator there’s been a void. And we’ve been looking for someone to fill that void recently… Someone to give a weekly animated show to.

Our search continues and we have some great prospects, but until we find that special person…I wanted to introduce you to a new show on Channel Frederator: Fredbits.

Fredbits is cartoons. One minute or less. No bologna. Just toonage.

New episodes premiere every Wednesday. In order to make room for it, our main show is being bumped to Monday and Cartoon Hangover still ends our week on Friday.

And hey, if you have a cartoon that’s one minute or less, send it our way by uploading to: Be sure to mention “Fredbits” in the title somewhere.

My goal with Fredbits and with all of the shows here on [Read more…]

“Elk Hair Caddis” from Peter Smith and Magnus Møller

April 17th, 2010


Animators Peter Smith and Magnus Møller (along with fellow students Alice Holme and Anders Brogaard) submitted their outstanding multimedia treat-for-the-eyeballs “Elk Hair Caddis” and Channel Frederator was more than thrilled to show it! Below, Peter speaks on behalf of the creative team and gives us some in depth info on the filmmaking process. Check out the production team’s ‘making of’ videos here.

Channel Frederator: Where did you you study animation?

Peter Smith: The Animation Workshop, Viborg, Denmark 2006 - 2010

CF: Who are your favorite artists?

PS: Well, I can mention a few: Rodin, Michelangelo, Krøyer, Rubens, Tintoretto, Tex Avery, Hanna Barbera.

[Read more…]

“Chair Amie” with Pierre Adrien

April 17th, 2010


Pierre Adrien is the creator of this week’s featured Cartoon Hangover film, “Chair Amie”, a nightmarish take on the ‘morning after’. The film has incited extreme responses from CH viewers and understandably so - it is graphic, raw, surreal and frightening. Read on to learn more about Pierre and be sure to check out his blog and take a look at his sketches and concept art. A-stonishing stuff.

Cartoon Hangover: Where did you study animation?

Pierre Adrien: In the school Emile Cohl, in Lyon (France)

CH: Who are your favorite artists?


Filmmakers : Bill Plympton, David Cronenberg
Illustrators : Stéphane Blanquet, Moebius, Lee Conklin
Painter : Jerome Bosch, Francis Bacon

CH: What gave you the idea for “Chair Amie”?

PA: The influence of my favorite artists and my dependence on my coffee maker.

[Read more…]

Elk Hair Caddis! Earth Day! Pretend Words!

April 13th, 2010

Peter Smith, Alice Holme, Anders Brogaard, and Magnus Moller. Don’t forget these names, ’cause they just raised the bar on bonkers-awesome <— real term - animation. Their film “Elk Hair Caddis” is featured this week on Channel Frederator - you are welcome in advance, Fredheads. Check out Cartoon Hangover this Friday for a film that is creepytown, plus water conservation tips! You’re probably watching Adventure Time already, so keep that up… guess that’s it for now… OH! It’s spring, so play outside or sumpin’. It’s nice out.

“Elk Hair Caddis”, directed by Peter Smith: A product of Denmark’s Animation Workshop, “Elk Hair Caddis” is a bonkers-awesome film that combines several different techniques to create one (literally) eye-popping adventure.

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Talkin’ with Trevor Jones

April 12th, 2010


You have 48 hours to create a short film, top to bottom. What do you do? Why, make a music video about a tokin’ Sasquatch. Doy. This week on Cartoon Hangover we’re featuring “Talkin’ Sasquatch Blues” created at the 2009 CalArts 48 hour film festival by Trevor Jones featuring music by Ten Mile Tide. Below, Trevor tells us more about the ‘toon, but most importantly, decides the winner in a Yeti vs. Sasquatch scenario.

Cartoon Hangover: Where did you study animation?

Trevor Jones: I’m in my second year at Calarts, but I studied a bit at my community college in Albuquerque and at my high school’s Career Enrichment Center before that.

CH: Who are your favorite artists?

TJ: I like a lot of artist.s I like Teddy Newton, Lou Romano, Shane Prigmore, and Shannon Tindle. Lori D’s stuff is pretty cool. But I also take a lot of inspiration from the amazing talent I [Read more…]

“Replacement Dog” with Casey Safron and Garrett Koeppicus

April 8th, 2010


“Replacement Dog” comes to Channel Frederator this week from Casey Safron, supreme ruler and creator of Animation Block Party, and Garrett Koeppicus, who you might remember as the voice of the little frog in Chris Conforti’s “Frog” on Cartoon Hangover. Below, Casey and Garrett tell us more about the film, and what they’re up to next.

Channel Frederator: Where did you study animation?

Garrett Koeppicus: School of Visual Arts, 2002 - 2006.

Casey Safron: I was an American Studies major at Brandeis University, but drew the comic for my college paper and then started learning animation at an NYC studio called the Ink Tank at my first post grad job.

CF: Where are you making people study animation now?

GK: As far as I know, KC or myself aren’t making anyone study animation. I would hate to make anyone study anything they didn’t want to.

CS: I have been managing the School of Visual Arts BFA Animation Department since [Read more…]