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Rob Renzetti: “Mina & the Count in The Vampire Who Came to Dinner”

April 25th, 2006

Rob Renzetti has been a steady companion of ours for longer than he would like to admit. He created Mina at Hanna-Barbera as part of our original shorts laboratory What A Cartoon! Having always loved it, when we started Oh Yeah! Cartoons at Nickelodeon in 1998 it was the first show I wanted to do. “The Vampire…” was one of six shorts we did.

When asked what inspired him to write “Mina”, Renzetti says, “When I was a small child I was able to get over my fear of Nighttime Monster Attacks by convincing myself that I could convince any lonely monster that came my way that I would make a better friend than a victim. This mental security blanket from my childhood was the start of the idea for Mina and the Count.”

Of course, Rob’s legions of fans know him as the creator of the hit series My Life as a Teenage Robot, but how many know of his first Annie nomination for the fabulous “Hobo Hounds” episode of Donovan Cook’s 2 Stupid Dogs?

So go watch this week’s episode now, either through our website, or by subscribing at iTunes (it’s free).

Thanks for the cartoon Rob.


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Hi, i’m follower of your shorts of Mina and the Count, they would have of continue with the shorts of those so funny personages. My but humble opinion from of follower of Mina and the Count, greetings from underworld

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