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Dave Wasson: “Tales From the Goose Lady: Hamsel and Grande”

May 24th, 2006


“In my childhood I struggled with such problems as obesity and questionable lumberjacks. Thanks to Frederator I was finally give a format to talk about the issues that really matter.” Dave Wasson.

Thanks so much for this wonderful film, Dave. We are proud to have you as part of the Frederator Family.

For those of you who are curious who Dave Wasson is, and where on Earth he came from, some of his credits include: Oh Yeah! Cartoons, “Max and His Special Problem”, also featured on Episode 13 of Channel Frederator. “Max” also won an Emmy. He created and directed the series, “Time Squad”, has won a Clio for his commercial work, and animated the opening title sequence to the film, “Down With Love”.

Dave, you’re an amazing talent. Keep it up!


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Dave is an incredible director as you can see on this short. Precise, thoughtful, funny. I’m very proud he took some time to work with us.

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