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Channel Frederator Featured Film: “Dan Danger”

June 28th, 2006


If there’s one thing that makes Dan Danger run screaming like a little girl, it’s…danger. To quote Dan, “I am NOT going to my happy place. I am NOT going to Bunny Land!!”

This short is hysterical. Which isn’t surprising, because it was created by “Fairly OddParents” creatorButch Hartman and former FOP Producer, Steve Marmel. It was produced as a Frederator short for “Oh Yeah! Cartoons” in 1998.

Says Butch Hartman, “When we (Steve Marmel and Myself) decided to create a new action hero, we thought it would be funny if he was terrified of action. Plus, you can’t spell “Danger” without “Dan”!” How right you are, Butch.

Thanks so much for the great work!!


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