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Channel Frederator Featured Film Ep. 44: “My Neighbor Was A Teenage Robot”

August 22nd, 2006


Little did creator Rob Renzetti know that when he made this short, it would lead to a hit series on Nickelodeon! Part of the Oh Yeah! Cartoons shorts program, this 7-minute-wonder introduces the fabulous Jenny, and also captures the show’s signature design, color, and fabulous backgrounds. The title of this short later got changed to “My Life As A Teenage Robot” when Nickelodeon picked it up to go to series.

Says Renzetti, “The origins of (this original short) are a lesson in the laws of reverse effort. Fred and I were both strongly pushing Mina and The Count during the second season of Oh Yeah. I really wanted it to be a series. The network was not buying it, so much so that they cancelled the sixth episode I was slated to do. Fred let me keep the slot. I had an idea about a normal human emotional teenage girl who’s boyfriend was a normal no emotions robot. After a little girl and a vampire, Fred thought a teenage girl and a mechanical love object would be a very hard sell. One afternoon while driving I thought of making the emotional girl the robot and the storyline of the short tumbled out of my head. Robot became my series.”

Needless to say, we are all impressed with your talent, Rob.

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I’ve worked with Rob for over 13 years, and now that he’s over at Cartoon Network, I’m madder that we can’t work together for a while. Recently, I caught the first episode he conceived and directed for 2 Stupid Dogs (it’s a silent spoof on old B&W Mickey Mouse cartoons), and it reminded me what a unique talent he is. I think I’ll pull out a sketch he did of me for a card and put it up on the Channel Frederator blog.


One of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. More talent in his finger than most have in their whole bodies!


Hey, they remade this!! its on nicktoons network right now!!

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