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Channel Frederator Featured Film, Episode 44: “Dance Like A Monkey”

August 23rd, 2006


“Come on and shake your monkey hips!” Cavemen, monkeys, Dick Cheney, and one frightened girl…

This film was submitted by Collection Agency Films. Their producer, Dano Johnson, wrote me about how this all came together.

“The video came about because Troy Campbell (co-producer) had met Darren Hill, the manager of theNY Dolls, several years back and they’d been in contact ever since. Troy had sent him our previous cartoons and Darren started thinking about using us for the Dolls when their new album, ‘One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This’, came out.

So in the early Spring, they had decided to use ‘Dance Like a Monkey’ as their first single and we started having phone conferences with David Johansen, the lead singer. When listening to the song, which has lots of clever references to the evolution/creationism/intelligent design ‘debate,’ I had the idea of monkeys in an evolutionary science exhibit breaking out and causing chaos in the museum, all to teach an intelligent designer to embrace her inner monkey. I had just seen the Darwin exhibit at the NY Museum of Natural History and there were a lot of great visuals to use. I also wanted to include the Flying Spaghetti Monster, since in some ways it’s the mascot of the anti-intelligent designers (as well as Pastafarians). So I wrote Bobby Henderson, the creator of the FSM, and got his okay. All I had to mention was ‘Pirate monkeys attacking Noah’s Ark’ and he seemed won over. Then I brought on a great illustrator, Cameron Petri, to do the character designs and sets. I approached R. Don Smith, a local animator and NY Dolls fan, about animating Johansen’s simian likeness and he signed on. Then after a lot of sleepless nights and hard work, Dance Like a Monkey was born, just in time for the CD to come out.”

A very thorough lesson in the evolution of a film, Dano. Thanks guys!

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